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Love Festival Aruba 2016

“All We Need is Love!” And This Weekend You’ll Find It On Aruba! Welcome to Love Festival Aruba 2016! What does Happiness plus Love equal? They are two halves of a heart, the heart that is the core of Aruba, the happiest island in the Dutch Caribbean. Love is in the air more than ever this weekend on One Happy… Read more →

Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival 2014!

By: Amalia Reyes Get ready as Aruba prepares for a music festival that would make even Horatio Thelonius Ignatius Crustaceus Sebastian proud! We are excited to announce Aruba’s 8th Annual Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival going on this weekend, from Friday, October 3rd to Saturday, October 4th. This two day festival will be taking place at the Renaissance Marketplace & Convention Center… Read more →