Neonsmash Music Festival 2016

It’s Spring and the world celebrates! This season brings again the Festival of Colors also known as the Festival of Sharing Love. Traditionally called Holi, a Spring celebration originating in India & Nepal, entails a day of childlike-fun where festival goers partake in a free-for-all of colors. Dry colored powders and colored waters are thrown by revelers at each other all in the spirit of celebration!

Fast forward to this Saturday night….make way for the hottest, neon color party coming to the Happy Island: NEONSMASH MUSIC FESTIVAL 2016Neonsmash-logo

NEONSMASH promises to bring together all walks of life, infusing it with local flavor, colorful paints, lights and of course, the most heart pumping, soul lifting electronic dance music this side of the Caribbean. NEONSMASH is open to all fans 18+ ready to lose themselves in the exquisite production of this electronic music event bringing life and color to cities like Miami, NYC, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and countries like Mexico and Colombia! Check out the full list of tour dates here and stay tuned to the NEONSMASH official Facebook page for a lineup announcement coming soon!

Event Line-up includes: Tirnexx, Mr. EdD, Jason Croes, Dirty Arubian, Audiorush, DJ Spike, Bamfstarz, DJ101, Swift & D’Angelo, 2 Faced Punks, THE PARTY SQUAD

Not convinced? Check out the official NEONSMASH aftermovie & tell us you won’t be racing to buy tickets then!

Tickets will be available for purchase at the door at the Aruba Entertainment Center the day of the event (doors open at 12pm) if you haven’t gotten them already, but make sure to double check the event page for updates. Dress code is all white, and the paint is safe for your skin & will wash out of most clothes–iPhones and other electronics have been advised to be wrapped in transparent seal bags just to be safe! For any other questions make sure to check out the NEONSMASH FAQ page here.

So get ready, Aruba, for one of the best and most colorful nights of your life!



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