Dare to Bare: A Night in Philly

August 28, 2015 Soundgarden Hall 520 N. Christopher Columbus Road Philadelphia, Pa.

bare3 Bare really impresses as he entertains the screaming crowd.
His rig reminds me of a space station–doesn’t the ISS look something like this?
And he takes you to places; traverses time–gliding from dubstep to EDM hits to Old School and back without hesitation. Hard the way you like it.


The night starts out in a promising haze…

bare2The crowd is gathering…


A fun & interesting audience.
Gas mask guy & sunglasses at night

Bare Video Clip1

Bare Video Clip 2

When tracks were mixed like Calvin Harris’ “How Deep is Your Love” or Fetty Wap “Trap Queen” the crowd expressed their approval by their decibels & dancing going to an even higher level. We had a chance to shake hands with DJ Bare at the end of the show.
One of our favorite, chill DJs!

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